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Looking for a very special home for this incredibly special dog.

Bell is a 7-8 year old female grizzly huntaway. She has been a working dog her whole life, but she’s had enough of working the big country and she’d love to retire and be someone’s spoiled family member. Lots of you may have met Bell at functions such as the Martinborough Fair, Rural Games and Field Days; she quite often takes weekends off to come along and support RWD.

This dog LOVES people, she lives for attention and will happily spend her whole day being patted. She’s bombproof with children, I’ve taken her to school visits and she’s been buried in 30 kids, happily wagging her tail. If she has had enough she’ll quietly take herself off for a lie down.
Fine with all other animals but HATES cats. To our knowledge she has not actually caught a cat, but not for want of trying. This is the reason she can’t stay and retire here with us (apart from her being miserable watching her mates go to work without her) and also the reason she can’t go to a home with cats, or a home in town-she will spend her time hunting the neighbours’ cats. Also not safe around possums. Bell loves puppies, and has the sweetest kindest nature with other dogs. She is very big and enthusiastic, so when she meets little dogs, sometimes they don’t like her.

Bell is looking for a family on a lifestyle block, she would love to have some little kids to mother. She’d probably like to have another dog to hang out with too, and would prefer a home where her people were around as much as possible. If you wanted to do canine therapy then this girl would be perfect for it. Bonus points if you also wanted to come and attend functions for RWD!!
Has never been an inside dog but is very keen to become one. Not a barker. Would possibly be happy to help move a couple of sheep every now and then, between pats.
Up to date with vaccinations, including kennel cough, but has not been speyed or chipped. Free to the very best home only.
We will want to check out your place, she will go to you on trial, and she can come back to us at any time if things don’t work out for some reason.
Please email Natalie at retired.workingdogs@gmail.com


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