About Belle:

Belle is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog, aged 5 years old.


My name is Belle, I am black and white with black spots. I got into a bit of an accident trying to keep an eye on a pesky lamb and forgot I was on the back of a bike, so my ankle is rather sore now.

Is Belle used to children? No.
Is Belle used to cats? No.
Is Belle toilet-trained? No.
Is Belle used to stock? Yes.
Is Belle used to chickens? No.
How well does Belle get on with other dogs? OK.
Belle lives in Woodville, .
A bit about Belle’s personality:

I’m a loveable loyal girl who loves nothing more than going to work with my owner. Ever since my accident I haven’t been able to do big days now, but still love to be out and love my bike rides my owner even lets me keep my same seat everyday I’m out. I’m always happy to relax in the sun when im not needed or supervise my owner when he’s working. Cats and chickens can’t be trusted so i will round them up and keep an eye on them if I see them roaming. I have been known to sneak a taste test. But most importantly I love to put on a big smile and come knock you over for a pat and a scratch. I am all up to date on my vaccinations(Parvo, Lepto,Kennel cough) and worming.

About me:

My name: Simon Thomas.
My e-mail address: simont2244@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0224166315


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