*Advertising on behalf of owner*

Belle – 2yo Border Collie x Staffi x Greyhound

***Reluctantly Rehoming***

MUST go the right home!

Belle is a sweet-natured and playful dog who would make a good companion for an experienced owner. She needs someone who is calm, firm, a strong leader and can set clear rules and boundaries as well as having lots of time and love to give.

Belle is used to a rural setting and is better suited to a home that does not see lots of new people through the doors all the time as she can be fearful of too many new things. She is wary of people initially and generally favours women over men but once she feels safe she is happy and will come for pats. She is slow to trust but once she bonds with you she loves you forever. She does wander sometimes and will run or jump if she is scared.

She loves being out and about and would suit an active home where she would have day-time company. Belle is a very exuberant, high-energy dog and is a very agile and fast runner. Her breeds require high exercise and mental stimulation. She becomes anxious and also bored when left alone for long periods.

She loves being outside; swimming, playing ball, runs and walks. She also likes being inside and will happily lie down especially in a sunny spot! She doesn’t need to be a shadow but she does like to be able to see you or hear you. She is accustomed to sleeping indoors and does not like kennels.

Belle loves other dogs and has lived in a two-dog household. She has also been introduced to other dogs and loves to play with them. She can play quite rough and can pester dogs that don’t want to play with her.

-I have not had Belle around children for any lasting amount of time.

-not suited to a home with chickens as she likes to chase them. She also chases rabbits.

– recent vaccination and up to date flea and worm treatments

-in good health (only fed Coprice working dog food because of stomach upset)

-fixed, registered and microchipped

Please call Lisa 027 470 758 willing to travel for the right home