About Benji:

Benji is a large, male huntaway-collie-cross, aged 1 years old.


It is with heavy heart we have come to realise that our beautiful boy is not suited to suburban life. Benji is an extremely active dog that loves the great outdoors. He is a happy soul when home with his family but overwhelmed when out with too many people and lots going on. He is most certainly in his happy place when off lead out in the country. He would suit someone who lives on a farm or lifestyle block and is looking for a mate and can give him an active life. He is a fantastic companion and would be happy to spend his days tagging along. He hasn’t been around stock, although we live next to 3 sheep he just barks at them, so I don’t know how he would be. He has been well socialised with other dogs (he can be wary of some) and people. He prefers to choose for himself whether or not to approach people and gets overwhelmed if uncertain about who is approaching. He is used to sleeping inside and having constant company and this is important for him. He is a bit naughty with cats, likes to chase them and he is obsessively annoying with ours but if put in his place by them he will behave., He has been raised with children and is very loving but can be over zealous at times, he needs a firm hand because give him an inch he will try and take more. He has been desexed and is current with vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

Huntaway / Collie Cross
Is Benji used to children? Yes.
Is Benji used to cats? Yes.
Is Benji toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Benji used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Benji used to chickens? No.
How well does Benji get on with other dogs? OK.
Benji lives in Nelson, South Island.
A bit about Benji’s personality:

A very loyal and loving companion. A good family pet provided he is well stimulated and exercised. Responds well to consistent training but needs a firm hand. Recalls well most of the time.

About me:

My name: Rebecca Troon.
My e-mail address: zn.oc.artx@1eewaep.
My phone number: 64 210796311


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