About Blaze:

Blaze is a medium-sized, female Bearded Collie X, aged 6 years old.


Blaze is a medium sized Bearded collie cross (I think there is labrador and huntaway in there, but I like to call her an SPCA special). She sleeps inside on her bed in the lounge, or outside on the porch on her chair.
She has never been a working dog, but has spent time with my sheep, she has no inclination at all to herd them, and is more likely to run away from them if they approach her.
Only being rehomed due to me moving overseas, and I would love her to go somewhere that I could visit when I’m home for holidays if possible.

Is Blaze used to children? Yes.
Is Blaze used to cats? Yes.
Is Blaze toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Blaze used to stock? Yes.
Is Blaze used to chickens? No.
How well does Blaze get on with other dogs? OK.
Blaze lives in Pahiatua, North Island.
A bit about Blaze’s personality:

Blaze is a big goof ball who loves kids, cats and most other dogs (she has a thing against little white fluffies, but has previously been okay when introduced to them as long as they’re not barking at her). Blaze is, however, mainly a people person. She is happiest snuggled up with me on the couch (only occasionally allowed on the couch, as she sometimes wears me down!). She loves walks and any kinds of water (creeks, rivers, beaches, troughs) as long as its not a hose! LOVES food (too much), and keeping her on a diet and at a healthy weight is a definite challenge.
She can be reactive towards other dogs, and I usually keep her on a leash until I’m sure she will be okay.
She is also anxious when it comes to loud noises, specifically gunshots and fireworks. She has a crate that she hides in during fireworks and this keeps her relatively calm.
She would love either a big family with someone to play with all the time, or someone that is home a lot to give her the attention she deserves. Due to being in the pound and SPCA for a long time, she doesn’t like to be chained or kept in a kennel and will bark if she is.

About me:

My name: Kendyl Paget.
My e-mail address: kendyl.paget@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0277636001


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