About Bo:

Bo is a medium-sized, male vizsla-heading-dog-cross, aged 2 years old.


Bo is a 22 month old Black Vizsla/Heading Dog cross. He is long and lanky and enjoys stretching his legs with a good run about. His cheeky nature shines through and he loves a cuddle and scratch. He sleeps outside in his kennel but spends time inside watching the rugby and ‘The Dog House’ on a Tuesday night. He hasn’t been around small children and his size would make him awkward with them but he has been socialised with other dogs through doggie day care and play dates with his cousin. He wants to be friends with our cat but she doesn’t want to be friends with him so for his sake we don’t leave them alone.

Bo has had training to become a deer indicating dog, and although he has a great ‘nose’, we believe that this isn’t something he would do well at so would make a better companion/pet. He has been around large stock and understands to be wary of them.

We are looking for a forever home for our boy Bo as life has changed and we are not able to give him the attention and fun that he deserves. Our ideal forever home for Bo would have some space for him to run, a mum or dad that can spend time playing with him and maybe another older dog for company.

Vizsla/Heading Dog Cross
Is Bo used to children? No.
Is Bo used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Bo toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Bo used to stock? Yes.
Is Bo used to chickens? No.
How well does Bo get on with other dogs? Great.
Bo lives in Masterton, North Island.
A bit about Bo’s personality:

Bo is inquisitive and likes to know what’s going. He has a lovely, playful nature – loves to tease play with a toy or even the odd pumpkin (see the photo). He has a few typical Vizsla traits – likes to be close and will lean on my legs when we are standing together, is sociable and polite (in particular when getting treats) and is always up for a walk or run.

About me:

My name: Tony Nicholson.
My e-mail address: debs.rutene@gmail.com.
My phone number: 021367321


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