About Bo:

Bo is a large, male huntaway, aged 9 years old.


Bo is a medium to large, tan black and white, male half-trained huntaway who has become our pet due to selling our farm and also taking up world travelling to our daughter in London and our charity in Cambodia (Kiwis 4 Cambodian Kids).

Is Bo used to children? Yes.
Is Bo used to cats? Yes.
Is Bo toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Bo used to stock? Yes.
Is Bo used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Bo get on with other dogs? Great.
Bo lives in Oxford, South Island.
A bit about Bo’s personality:

Bo is easy going and kind with no nasty traits in the 8 years we’ve had him. He loves walking/running, lying by the fire, hugs and cuddles without being all over you. He’s a very easy dog to have inside although he really loves the outdoors and bush walks. Kids and adults all seem to fall in love with him and he doesn’t mind a bit. He mistrusts men to begin with which must come from some treatment in his early life before we got him, but once that is overcome he is exceptionally loyal. Due to this we would only let him go to an especially kind, thoughtful and understanding home. He is intelligent, loving and lovable and to a special home, he will be a special pet. He is good at working mobs of sheep in paddock or yards, or mobs of cattle, but not small numbers.

About me:

My name: John Burton.
My e-mail address: moc.liamg@951notrub.esinednhoj.
My phone number: 02102392370


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