“Bo”, Hamilton

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Breed: Beardie X Huntaway

Age: Approx 10yo

Currently located in Hamilton. Bo is a super sweet older boy with a heart of gold. Good with other dogs and cats, he is happy to potter around and do his own thing. He enjoys his walks, has great manners off lead and knows the basics of sit and stay. He sleeps inside, and just loves attention! He would be an ideal dog for a lifestyle block looking for an older working type to keep you company.

Bo doesn’t like loud noises or rough handling, and would like a quieter home with a patient, loving owner. He is eager to please and will provide endless love and loyalty in exchange for a cozy bed. Being a Beardie X Huntaway, Bo does have a good bark when he is excited. He is not a nuisance barker, but may be better suited to a rural life or a home where someone is around all day to keep an eye on him.

He has had a bit of a rough time as of late, after his original owner passed away. Luckily his lovely neighbours have been caring for him in their home since then, but they can’t provide a suitable home long term so he needs to find a forever home to live out his golden years.

Bo is in good health, up to date with vaccinations and is desexed and registered. Being a bit older he is slowing down a wee bit, but has a clean bill of health from the vets and would be happy to go on daily walks with his owner. Please message the page if you would be interested in Bo