Bou is a 12yo male border collie and a beautiful gentle soul. He has been with us since a pup and been an incredible part of our family. He is absolutely wonderful with children ( we have 3 ) as long as they are respectful of him, he feels safe. Bou is a big panda bear and is an extremely gentle boy and loves smooches. He is very calm and not a high energy dog, in fact he is very easy going and chilled out. Bou loves to catch balls and sticks but NOT cats! He has been around live stock and chickens and doesn’t care for them. He loves a good walk and doesn’t run off. He is fine with other dogs as long as they don’t hassle him as he was attacked by a few dogs so now can be wary. The heartbreaking decision for us having to rehome Bou has been due to selling our home in July to travel and he was going to live with family on their lifestyle block. It didn’t work out because he is not a farm dog in the sense that he won’t chase animals or ride on a motorbike. We have exhausted all other options and with our current situation we are unable to keep him with us and now have made the decision to rehome him into his next loving family. Bou is loyal, gentle and a big softy!

Bou’s personality: Bou is a larger Border Collie and has a beautiful coat. He is very gentle, perfect with children, fine with cats, chickens, live stock and prefers to ignore other dogs. He is a big panda bear and not a barker! He is the dog on the left in the photo and he’s greyer now. He is loving, not a high maintenance dog and very easy going.

Bou has been chipped and desexed.

Please contact:

Heidi Timms