About Bruce:

Bruce is a large, male huntaway-cross, aged 2 years old.


Looking for a job!
We have come to realise that Bruce needs something to do. He is very intelligent and has responded well to obedience training and he’s quick to learn tricks. But…… he’s bored. He needs a job.
We will only let him go to the right home as the very difficult decision to re-home him has been made because we feel we aren’t best meeting his needs, not because we are unhappy with him. He is loyal, playful and a generally happy boy.
We feel he would be a good match for someone who has the time to be with him during the day, and can keep him busy with tasks, perhaps training him to work with stock or something else that stimulates his brain.
He is currently a house dog and enjoys the comfort of home. but is used to being kenneled. The only time you will hear that big bark is when he is excited and playing, or when he is trying to herd other dogs.
Being very big (nearly 40kg) and still a bit teenager clumsy, he would be better in a house that doesn’t have small children.

Is Bruce used to children? Yes.
Is Bruce used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Bruce toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Bruce used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Bruce used to chickens? No.
How well does Bruce get on with other dogs? Great.
Bruce lives in Tauranga, North Island.
A bit about Bruce’s personality:

We don’t know Bruce’s background as he was adopted. He is very loyal and playful, and will make a good long term partner for the right person/people. We believe he has some Irish wolfhound in his bloodline, and he tends to be a bit of a guard dog, letting you know when someone comes to the house or when he thinks you need protection.

About me:

My name: Natalie Leetcher.
My e-mail address: zn.oc.kooltuo@rehcteel.
My phone number: 0272499099


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