About Bruce:

Bruce is a large, male beardie, aged 13 years old.


Sadly I have to part with my boy as I can no longer offer him a good home.
I adotped Bruce from this site last year off a station on the East Coast. He is a cool ole farm dog who is totally loyal and loving and has no social manners at all! He marks everything, is puzzled as to why he is not allowed inside (I am sure toilet training is an unknown concept), and paces around me like a lion protecting his harem.
He is full of bark and full of guts. He is too strong for sheep in small paddocks but will take on any cow or bull – even to his detriment at this age – and then get up and take it on again.
He had whistle commands from his last owner, but since I can’t whistle he has learnt basic voice commands from me – though I have never bothered putting sides on him. I simply show him the gate and the cattle and he does the job.
He is loyal and lovable and a recent checkup at the vet showed he is in good health though hearing is not perfect.
Available end of August to a good home only.

Is Bruce used to children? Yes.
Is Bruce used to cats? Yes.
Is Bruce toilet-trained? No.
Is Bruce used to stock? Yes.
Is Bruce used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Bruce get on with other dogs? Great.
Bruce lives in Thames, North Island.
A bit about Bruce’s personality:

A real beardie. Strong on stock. Loyal to humans.

About me:

My name: Sheryn Dean.
My e-mail address: moc.liamg@2naed.nyrehS.
My phone number: 0274837868


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