UPDATE: 5/6/2020 Unfortunately, poor Mason has been diagnosed with kidney failure in the last week. Because of this we have made the decision not to rehome him. Mason will stay with his foster Mum being spoiled rotten, until such time that he is no longer comfortable. So Butch is now looking for a home by himself. He will be fine as an only dog, or with another dog for company that doesn’t mind being pushed out of the way for attention! (he is more of a people person, Mason is the one who needed doggy company but luckily for him he has 3 new foster buddies that he has bonded with). If you would consider taking Butch into your family, please contact Natalie on 027 453 0622. Please call as txts don’t come through. Thank you!

These two handsome older gents are looking for a wonderful retirement home together. Butch and Mason are both somewhere over 10 years old, they came to us after their boss retired and sold the farm.

Both of these boys have lovely natures, Mason is quieter and a gentle smoocher. Butch is a full on attention seeker and loves cuddles. They are quite dependent on each other so we will only rehome them as a pair.

We have had a series of health checks done on both boys and can say that they are looking good internally (kidneys etc) for their advanced ages. Both have arthritis, in particular Butch, who has obvious arthritis in both front legs and needs medication to keep him comfortable. Mason has had a tooth removed and a lump removed from his eye. We are unable to de-sex these boys due to their age. Both of them are pretty deaf, which is standard as you get to be an old boy!

While they would love to potter around on a lifestyle block, and are both still happy and sprightly, we would not rehome them to a place where they are wanted for work. Maybe they’d like to help on 5 acres once or twice a year but anything more would not do them any favours.

The ideal home for them would be with a family or an older couple, and preference will be given to homes within a relatively short distance from the Wairarapa so they don’t have to travel too far. They should both be fine with children but probably not really little ones as Butch is pushy when he wants love and might knock them over. Mason does not like cats-he barks at them but hasn’t done anything further. They are totally oblivious to chickens and donkeys, and are great with other dogs. A home in the country or somewhere peaceful would be lovely too.

They are just two really lovely old boys who have worked hard all their lives, and now deserve to be spoiled a bit in their twilight years. In return you would have two faithful and loving companions. For more information, please email Natalie at retired.workingdogs@gmail.com