About Cass:

Cass is a medium-sized, female Australian Cattle dog, aged 8 years old.


Cass is looking for a home as a mate to somebody who does not want to take her out for walks in places where she might meet other dogs.
She would be ideal for someone semi-rural/rural wanting a dog that is content to follow them around, but is not due for full retirement. She is very good with people but unfortunately was attacked by 3 dogs while out walking, and has not recovered – her stress has escalated into aggression towards unknown dogs, so she is best kept away from public places.

She is great with people, cats, free-range chickens, sheep, cattle and the male huntaway dog she lives with. She has always been an inside dog and is healthy apart from some arthritis in one knee. This has been a difficult decision, but  Cass needs a home where she can be an only dog, as she is not getting on with two bitches in her current home.

Is Cass used to children? Yes.
Is Cass used to cats? Yes.
Is Cass toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Cass used to stock? Yes.
Is Cass used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Cass get on with other dogs? Not friendly.
Cass lives in Stratford, .
A bit about Cass’s personality:

Loyal, playful, likes to be with you, whether that’s lying by your feet in front of the fire or out and about on the property. Will bark if someone comes but is friendly and has good manners with visitors as well as her family – doesn’t jump up, is obedience trained and loves to play hide and seek with her ball.

About me:

My name: Catherine.
My phone number: 0274046158


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