About Charm:

Charm is a large, female Huntaway, aged 18-months-old.


Hi, I’m Charm, in name and in nature. I win everyone over, with my big happy whacky tail.

I’m an 18-month-old large female huntaway, living on a farm in Taupo.

It’s safe to say, when meeting new people, I’ll Charm the pants off them.

I’ll follow you round and nuzzle your hand for a pat.

If your feet are still, and available, I’ll happily warm them for you too.

I’m much more bolshy and intense when it comes to playing with my friends though.

You see, once my sister and I get going, it’s all on.

We’ll run round and wrestle each other – woohoo!

I’m more of a natural leader with my canine crew.

My sister’s a very focussed worker but farm life’s not for me.

You see, I have no interest in stock. If they’re around, I’ll come in behind you. I’m hesitant about them.

So, my farmer’s hoping to find me an active fully fenced pet home, in town.

I have the magnificent big huntaway bark; however, I’m quite a quiet girl. I’m very gentle and well mannered – outside of dog play, of course.

My farmer thinks I’d be happiest with some sort of daytime company – another cruisy dog or a human that’s home to engage me.

If I get decent exercise each day, then I’m a very good girl – just happy to cruise around with you.

On the farm, we all go for walks together. I love running beside the quad.

I love the water too – I’ll always look for an excuse to take off for a swim.

And sniffing round the paddocks, tracking scents is another passion of mine.

I’m really one of those doggies you can take anywhere with you. I’m used to leash walking and I have excellent recall too!

My farmer thinks I’d be best with older dog savvy kids. I might accidentally knock the tiny ones over – especially with my huge tail and all.

My farmer wanted me to let you know that I’m registered, vaccinated and wormed.

And if you were considering adopting me, my farmer would arrange to have me spayed, if you were happy to pay the cost.

I’m a real character that’ll keep you laughing through your days. I really hope you’ll consider adding some Charm to your life.

Is Charm used to children? Yes.
Is Charm used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Charm toilet-trained? No.
Is Charm used to stock? Yes.
Is Charm used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Charm get on with other dogs? Great.
Charm lives in Taupo, .
A bit about Charm’s personality:

I’m a lively girl with my canine crew but gentle and loving round people.

About me:

My name: Tracy Gage-Brown.
My e-mail address: j.t.gbrown@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0273260469


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