About Chase:

Chase is a medium-sized, male Huntaway, aged 1 year old.


Chase is quite the character – funny, loving, silly and full of energy but can be quite full on once out and about

Is Chase used to children? No.
Is Chase used to cats? Yes.
Is Chase toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Chase used to stock? Yes.
Is Chase used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Chase get on with other dogs? OK.
Chase lives in Amberley, .
A bit about Chase’s personality:

15 months old

We are unsure on his lifelong history dating back but during the short time we have had him he has gotten  along with 3 of our 4 children but unfortunately he does not gel with our middle child and has snapped  at him a few times.  I have a 4 year old and 13 year old twins and Chase is is absolutely fine with them but in my sons best interests we need to rehome Chase. Ittis now his time to move on to a more suitable  home where everyone gets along.

He plays fetch, brings the ball back on request, is ok with our chickens if they aren’t fluttering around and absolutely adores our 9 week old kitten. We have stock around the property and not had a problem with Chase. We live on a main road close to other barking dogs and he’s not leaped the front gate YET. Listens very very well, comes when called, is good on a lead and loves to explore. Please ask if you have any questions also if you would like to own Chase you will need to prove you own your home or you have consent for having dogs at a rental. His preferred home is a lifestyle couple with no kids or as working dog.

About me:

My name: Abby.
My e-mail address: abbyandbrax27@hotmail.com.
My phone number: 02102941823


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