About Chilli:

Chilli is a medium-sized, female sheffield-bearded-collie-x, aged 5 years old.


Chilli was born on a small farm in central north island. There were 5 other male dogs on site, and she got pregnant and had pups at 9 months old.
On adopting her we found her rather timid but keen to be loved. She has been part of our family for just over 3 years. We live on a small lifestyle block which suited her better than the residential property we adopted her from. She came to us whole, however we have since had her fixed due to her sneaky visits to the neighbours pig dogs 😉
We are about to move to a residential property where she will have to be tied or in a kennel all day while we work which is far from ideal. Preferably she needs to be on a property where she can get a lot of running in. She has not had any stock management training with us but we can see she has some instinct in this department. With someone with experience she will respond well. She understands basic instructions – come, fetch, sit, heel, she needs more practice with stay.
We have many chickens/ducks, which she loves to help round up. If she is with our other (older) dog she can get a little excitable and if im not in charge she on occasion has had a go at a bird – most often roosters.
Chilli is fine with kids, but not right in her face. She has a dogs usual caution when it comes to cats.

Sheffield Bearded Collie X
Is Chilli used to children? Yes.
Is Chilli used to cats? Yes.
Is Chilli toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Chilli used to stock? Yes.
Is Chilli used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Chilli get on with other dogs? Ignores them.
Chilli lives in Thames, North Island.
A bit about Chilli’s personality:

Chilli is a happy fun goofy dog, that needs space and daily exercise, and someone to trust and love. She loves running around, but it happy to sit and watch while you’re working (but thankfully not in your face) and if there’s a pond, stream or trough nearby she’ll plonk in it – all seasons! We’ve been getting her clipped in the summer to help her with heat management, but otherwise she doesnt shed much hair at all.
She was very nervous about water at the beach at first but with regular visits and much encouragement she now bounds in with enthusiasm.
We have had a few instances where, tied up on the back of our ute, she has growled people, even people she knows well, and she has had a snap at a couple also.
She will shy away from any aggressive or loud human interaction, but will now tolerate me walking with her with a stick or rod in my hand.
There’s still a bit of pup in her, shes playful and bouncy, especially when released from her kennel in the morning. She brings a lot of joy to us with her happiness and general disposition, which is why we are trying to do the best thing for her and find her a home where she will be happiest

About me:

My name: Tracey Waterreus.
My e-mail address: rotors1@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0212050578


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