Introducing Chuff, the biggest, goofiest, smoocher you will ever meet!
Chuff is a 12 month old huntaway who came to us with Osteochondrosis in his shoulder. This condition caused him daily pain from a young age, which meant that his career as a working dog was over before it began. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our RWD followers, we raised $1400 to have his surgery to remove the damaged cartilage in his shoulder. On the day of his operation, the surgeon checked him over and discovered that he had managed to chip off the part that was rubbing, effectively curing himself! Chuff has now been given the all clear to be rehomed as a normal dog. He has shown no signs of any discomfort since, and runs and plays like any other young pup.
Since he has been in foster we have decided that he would prefer a life as an active pet dog rather than a working dog-he just loves people so much and will make the best addition to a family.

Chuff will go to his new home vaccinated, desexed and microchipped-adoption fees apply.
He is good with other dogs, comes back straight away when called. Loves to go for runs alongside the quad bike. Great in the car, wherever you put him! He is fantastic with children (bouncy so maybe not tiny children). Needs further education and exposure with cats but has no aggression in him at all and hates being in trouble so will learn quickly. Will show interest in sheep but won’t go looking for them to chase, and comes back when called. (Currently living on a sheep and beef station, no fences around the house, sheep everywhere, and he has never gone off and chased them).
Fine with the resident pet sheep Maryanne.

Just a genuinely lovely, smoochy, people oriented dog. The ideal home for Chuff would be a lifestyle block with another playful dog who doesn’t mind him barging in on their cuddles as he doesn’t really get personal space. He is quite happy to lounge around during the day, but does need exercise every day as he is a young active dog.
Would be best in a home where he is allowed to be loose at night or sleep in the garage or laundry as he will bark in his kennel if left in there too long.

If you are looking for a great natured new family member, please call Natalie on 027 453 0622 for more information.