About Dawn:

Dawn is a medium-sized female heading dog age 3.


Dawn is a three-year-old tri-coloured heading bitch. She came to me via a contact 18 months ago, from a farm situation. There were several young dogs ready to be trained there, and Dawn was deemed too timid to be given the individual attention she needed.

I have trained a lot of farm dogs, and was able to get Dawn’s confidence up enough, to get her going. She has basic word commands (including ‘sides’) and whistle commands. She has joined in with some fairly easy mustering work with my other older dogs. She could do with more work than I can give her now and would be better in a one-on-one situation with her owner, rather than being in a team. She tends to be a bit softer than I like on sheep, but is fine when working a smaller mob. She is certainly keen to work and has shown no tendency to charge in and bite.

I run my dogs beside my bicycle, my quad bike and when riding my horse for up to 3 hours at a time. Dawn knows not to run ahead or get under the horse or bike. She will also happily travel in a bike trailer. She has a ‘wait’ command (for going through gates and the like) and a ‘stay there’ command.

She can be a bit nervous around other strange dogs but is not aggressive. She loves to play with other dogs if they are friendly. She is very friendly with people, but easily intimidated with shouting. She knows to ‘yield ground’ when asked to ‘look out’. I have a cat, and Dawn knows that the cat is not to be interfered with. My dogs live in outdoor kennels with runs. They do not enter the house or sheds.

Is Dawn used to children? Yes
Is Dawn used to cats? Yes
Is Dawn toilet-trained? No
Is Dawn used to stock? Yes
Is Dawn used to chickens? No
How well does Dawn get on with other dogs? OK
Dawn lives in New Plymouth
A bit about Dawn’s personality:

Dawn is friendly, not aggressive, and can be a bit lacking in confidence. She is keen to work sheep and not frightened of cattle or horses.

About me:

My name: Anna Hardwick-Smith.
My e-mail address: annahs1410@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0274489669


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