About Dixie:

Dixie is a large, female Huntaway, aged 9 years old.


Dixie, 9 year old, Huntaway

Is Dixie used to children? Yes.
Is Dixie used to cats? No.
Is Dixie toilet-trained? No.
Is Dixie used to stock? Yes.
Is Dixie used to chickens? No.
How well does Dixie get on with other dogs? Not friendly.
Dixie lives in Pahiatua, North Island.
A bit about Dixie’s personality:

Dixie is a beautiful girl that has recently retired from working. She is a wonderful loyal companion, hard working and loving. She is in need of a home without any dogs, chickens or cats. She is not house trained and is used to sleeping outside. She is used to stock as she has worked with them. Being a Huntaway when she is excited she barks. She is happiest laying in the sun on her bed.

We’re gutted that we are unable to retire Dixie to her ‘Nanas’ home. This had always been our intention and we have tried but sadly failed.
Unfortunately while she had no problems with the family dogs while she was working, she has become intolerant of them in her retirement and can’t be trusted not to bite.
In saying this, she has been amazing meeting other dogs on her daily walks outside the home.
She is great walking on or off lead and is quite happy to plod alongside. She always comes when called.
Dixie is just lovely. She would make a great companion for someone who does not have other pets that she might become jealous of. It breaks our heart that we can’t retire her the way we always intended, as she deserves love and comfort in her final years.

About me:

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