About Dog:

Dog is a medium-sized, male Heading Dog X, aged 7-years-old.


Hi, I’m Dog. I’m a lovely – and neutered – 7-year-old heading dog mix, living in Foxton.

I love my food… and I have FUN with it too.

I’ll chuck my dog biscuits in the air, then run round and catch them. It’s a laugh to watch.

I’m a good boy. I only bark to alert my owner I need something, unless another dog in the neighbourhood tempts me to join in!

My owner is undergoing treatment for a medical condition and our property will soon be sold.

I’m hoping to find a loving pet home. A fully fenced place, with kind people that will take me out on adventures.

Hopefully the beach? I love water!

Heading out with you, for a big walk each day, then finding a sunny spot, in the yard, to chill… that’s the dream!

And, if you need to work, that’s fine too. I’ll be okay without daytime company, so long as I get a nice big walk before you go.

Initially, it’d be best to supervise me outdoors, for the first week or so.

You see, I am capable of jumping fences, but that won’t be a problem – once I’m settled in and have a true sense of home.

I’ve spent some time inside, so I should transition quickly to indoor life.

I’m a very smart boy, so any further training should be a breeze with me.

I have excellent recall too. Just call ‘Dog’ and I’m there!

My owner thinks I’d be best in a home without kids, as I might find the loudness, and the many comings and goings, a bit overwhelming.

I’d be happier in a quieter home with a lovely couple.

I could share with another doggy too, but it would be great to meet each other first – to make sure we get along well.

The neighbours dog comes over to play with me regularly. We’re great friends.

I’m used to cats and don’t chase them, so I’d be happy sharing my home with one.

I can also be trusted as safe around chickens and stock.

I hope you’ll consider making a sweet guy, like me, a part of your life.

Please send an email, introducing yourself, and describing the type of home you could offer me.

Is Dog used to children? Not sure.
Is Dog used to cats? Yes. Does not chase.
Is Dog toilet-trained? Should be.
Is Dog used to stock? Safe.
Is Dog used to chickens? Safe.
How well does Dog get on with other dogs? Best with gentle introductions.
Dog lives in Foxton
A bit about Dog’s personality:

I’m a lovely guy, looking for that ideal home where we can adventure together.

About me:

My name: Brooke
My e-mail address: brooke@sbfl.co.nz


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