Meet Earl! He’s a big gangly teenager with a power paw. He was born with one of his front legs bent at the carpus (wrist) joint. He had been walking on the top of his joint as he couldn’t put his paw on the ground. He’s had a couple of surgeries, and although it’s not as perfect as we hoped, he can now use his leg and put his toe tips on the ground. He loves to run! He plays really well with our 8yo female beardie, but he’s not so keen on our overreactive male huntaway, who has had a go at him and started a fight. He’s also had a great play date with another female dog and played for ages, so he’s definitely a lady’s man.

Earl is about 15 months old, fully vaccinated, registered, microchipped and desexed. He’s also up to date with flea and worm treatments. He ignores our sheep and cat (neither of which run away from him) and is good with our 6yo kid, who has grown up around dogs. He’s really still a puppy and needs entertainment and chew toys. He would love a dog friend to play with, like a chill female.

About his leg: he has a lot less muscle on his affected leg because he couldn’t use it for so long, and he has had most of the tendons released to help straighten the joint. His physio currently involves 15-20 minute walks twice a day, with a few hills to really help work his leg.

Ideally we’d love to find him a home somewhere around Pahiatua, Levin or Feilding so his vet team can keep an eye on the progress of his leg, but we’d also be happy to update your own vet on his condition if you live outside of these areas. We just want a lovely home with space for this guy to be spoilt! He’s been in foster care so long he deserves to be able to settle down in a home of his own.

To help cover his surgeries and vaccinations etc, there is an adoption fee for Earl.

If you’d like to know more about Earl, please email me (Helen) on, or text

027 2909 777 (reception is a little patchy).