***RWD Foster Dog***

Eddie is a 3 year old heading/huntaway cross. He will be castrated, microchipped, registered and vaccinated before rehoming.

This handsome boy is very affectionate and eager to please. He can be slightly anxious which shows in the way he likes to be touched a lot, and looks to his person for reassurance.

  • Very responsive to growly/happy tone, and will be easy to train. 
  • LOVES to run and is very fast, would make a great agility dog or running buddy and would enjoy obedience training
  • Fine with other dogs, can be pushy/annoying with males but no aggression at all
  • Fine with chickens
  • Ok with stock/horses but will chase if he can, will be fine with further training.
  • Excellent recall 99% of the time, even if out of sight. Only slow if doing something exciting (sheep).
  • Will most likely chase cats that run, should be trainable.
  • Although we were told he can jump a farm gate, has been fine with farm fencing here, hasn’t jumped, pushed through or gone under, even when chasing stock along fence line.
  • Will run along road/farm with buggy and learning to keep in nicely.
  • Nervous around children, would prefer a home without them (no aggression at all).
  • Should be easy to house train.

Eddie really wants to find his person, and will do anything to please them. Eddie needs a good amount of exercise and would love something extra to keep him stimulated. An active pet home or experienced lifestyle block is preferred. If he has a person around a lot, he does not need another dog for company.

Eddie will have an adoption fee of $250. As with all of our foster dogs, property inspections and vet/council references are required. For more information, please call Natalie (please don’t txt as I won’t receive them) on 027 453 0622