Handsome Elliot is looking for an active pet home as he hasn’t made the cut as a working dog. Elliot is a 2 year old male Huntaway who came to us from the pound. He has a sweet nature with people, is soft and eager to please, has good recall and nice manners.

Elliot is looking for a home in town. He would never even look at stock, chickens or cats while you were with him (which is why he hasn’t made the cut) but can be sneaky and not 100% trustworthy when left to his own devices. Our preference would be a home where he does not have access to stock so that he can’t get himself in trouble. Elliot has met toddlers and while he was gentle with them, he was also a bit unsure of their fast movements and loud noises, so we would prefer he went to a home with adults, or teenaged children. He is clean and quiet in his kennel and should be easy to house train.

Elliot also needs a home without other male dogs as he tends to be dominant towards them and a bit clueless of their body language. He does love to play with other dogs and is a bit of a ladies’ man, so a playful female dog would be great for him.

Elliot will be desexed, microchipped and registered, and vaccinated up to date, and has an adoption fee of $350. As with all of our foster dogs, we will require a property inspection and a vet reference from prospective adopters.

If you can offer Elliot an awesome home with lots of exercise and love, please get in touch with the team retired.workingdogs@gmail.com