About Flint:

Flint is a medium-sized, male Heading Dog, aged 18 months old.


Hi, I’m Flint. I’m an 18-month-old heading dog. I’m clean, polite and a quiet fella.

One day, I might grow a fin because…

I’m part fish! I LOVE water.

Right from a wee tacker, I’d play with my drinking bowl – splashing round in my kennel. Woohoo water party!

Now I’m the only one with a concrete bowl in my kennel, doh!

My favourite thing is going to the river.

I make BIG splashes with my feet, then I jump up and try to catch it. It makes my owner chuckle.

I’m a sensitive soul. When I was little, I escaped from my pup pen and a big ewe charged me. I got such a fright!

So now, instead of herding the sheep, I float around them. Don’t want to upset a scary ewe!

My owner says, because I’m soft-natured and sheep spook me, I’d be happier as a pet fish… I mean DOG!

She says I’m a bright boy and I pick things up fast, so I need an active home with company during the day, space to run and places to splash!

I play well with all my pack. I take off on airborne zoomies! I’m cruisy, near the bottom of the pecking order.

Running alongside the quad is fun! I’ll ride on it too!

I love playing fetch. I set myself goals. I crunch up EVERY ball before you get it back!

I have a slightly undershot jaw but my owner says I’m a special wee man, just as I am. Her favourite in the litter.

If you want a playful pooch that splashes their way through life, we’ll get along swimmingly!

Is Flint used to children? Yes.
Is Flint used to cats? Yes.
Is Flint toilet-trained? No.
Is Flint used to stock? No.
Is Flint used to chickens? No.
How well does Flint get on with other dogs? Great.
Flint lives in Raetihi, North Island.
A bit about Flint’s personality:

I’m a little shy at first but once you get to know me, I’m a loving, loyal and friendly fella. I’m not used to horses but generally fine with stock.

Chasing things can be fun but I’ll stop when asked.

About me:

My name: Kathryn Oliver.
My e-mail address: oliverkathryn@xtra.co.nz.
My phone number: 0277226453


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