Frey is extremely loving and energetic. She loves to bark at anything that moves. She also has a habit of chewing any wood she might find, whether it is still attached to a tree or not. She loves other dogs, but may do better in a home where she is the only dog as she tends to focus on the other dogs more than the people. Unfortunately she chases young lambs and has killed chickens, hence why we can no longer keep her on the property. She is very respectful of our large angry cat. Frey is learning to be respectful around horses but if they run, she will chase and bark….a lot. She is an outside dog, but is happy enough on the rare occasions she is allowed inside. I can’t say that she is housetrained as she has never been inside long enough. She has a very loving nature and really wants to be with you all the time but she is definitely a submissive dog. My young daughter had ambitions of training her for agility and she certainly has the potential for that. We adopted her a year ago, and she was on a dairy farm at the time but didn’t show any interest in working with cows. We know nothing of her prior to that. I assume she has had a bad experience with water from a hose at some stage as she was terrified? We are making some headway with hosing her down although her favourite place is in the trough.

Frey is a rising 3 year old Beardie x bitch. Around 18kg.

She is speyed chipped and vaccinated.

Up to date with worming and flea treatments.

Located in Dargaville, Northland.

Nicki Lowe

021 517 173