Beautiful Girl is so pleased with her second chance at life, and is looking for a family to share it with. Girl came into our care at the age of 13, although everyone who has met her (including the vets) believe she is younger than this.

A huntaway/heading cross, Girl has settled into pet life now, is learning about cats, cozy inside beds, walks at the parks, and how to snaffle the cat biscuits when her foster Mum is not looking.

Girl has recently been speyed and had a couple of little mammary tumors removed. So apart from a little deafness (some of which we believe to be selective), and possibly a little arthritis in her front leg, Girl has a clean bill of health.

Girl would love to find a home where she can be spoiled, she’s come a long way and now really enjoys and asks for cuddles. She is a calm and quiet dog, but has been known to do excited zoomies when the mood strikes! Girl doesn’t pull on the lead, likes to wander around the section and check out what you are doing. She has met a couple of young children, and just followed them around nicely. Girl has improved a lot with cats, but would be best in a home with confident cats and owners who will work on boundaries with her (she likes to stalk them initially, and will chase if they run). Her absolute favourite snack is cat biscuits, and she is very determined to get to them!! Girl prefers smaller dogs who are quiet and calm, she gets a bit afraid when dogs bark at her or rush up to her. Girl’s ideal home would be as a companion to older people, or in a family where there are no bouncy dogs to push her around.

For more information, please contact Natalie (Foster Coordinator) on 027 453 0622 Please ring as I won’t receive your txts.