About Hail:

Hail is a large, female huntaway, aged 10 years old.


Hail is a very special huntaway deserving the best retirement after years of hard hill country mustering, competitive dog trialling (she qualified and competed in the National Champs just last year) and pup rearing. Hail loves to work still but with a large team of dogs it’s time to let the young ones to have a turn with only so many ‘easy’ jobs going around. Looking to see if there’s an amazing retirement home out there where she can be the family pet but also do some work from time to time – a tiny amount of work daily would be perfect, even just standing in a gateway barking, helping with calves – something light and easy physically.

Is Hail used to children? Yes.
Is Hail used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Hail toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Hail used to stock? Yes.
Is Hail used to chickens? No.
How well does Hail get on with other dogs? Great.
Hail lives in Taihape, North Island.
A bit about Hail’s personality:

Very friendly, kind and loving – absolutely loves people and would be the best pet. So kind she even ‘helped’ rear a litter of labrador puppies (see photo). A real character who will be really missed if there is an amazing home / retirement out there for her.

About me:

My name: John Batley.
My phone number: 063880664


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