***Advertising on behalf, please contact owner***

Meet Jess, a 2 year old purpose bred heading dog who has decided after two years of chances, that the life of a working dog is not for her. This decision has caused a fair bit of tension between her owners, wife says lets keep her as a pet, husband says we have too many dogs!
So, in the words of her boss, if you would like to save a marriage please consider Jess!

Jess is a friendly, confident dog. She loves to run so would really like to find a home where she can be a running companion, go for adventures, or maybe pursue agility/obedience.
She’s not interested in stock at all. Fine with the chooks who live around the house.
Jess hasn’t met kids, but shouldn’t be an issue.

A happy, sweet natured smoocher.

For more information, please contact her owner Kevin on 021 207 6674 or email zn.oc.edismraf@yeldarbjk