About Jack:

Jack is a 5-year-old heading dog.


Hi, I’m a spirited 5-year-old heading dog called Jack.

I’m currently living on a beef farm in Mt Somers.

First thing in the morning, I’m full of beans. I love a zoomie with my mates!

You see, I live with a team of five other working dogs.

I’m a cruiser. I just slot into the group.

First thing in my day, I’ll jump up on my farmer for a pat.

I’ll even try TALKING to him!

I’m a vocal kind of guy.

When I get excited, I’ll make yapping noises too!

Jumping in a trough or sniffing round exploring are my two greatest passions in life!

I help my farmer as much as I can, but I have a bit of arthritis in my foot – from an old ligament injury, which slows me down a bit.

My farmer feels sad that I try my best at work and my foot gets sore afterwards.

He’d like to find me a loving pet home – preferably on a lifestyle block – where I could keep busy, help round the place and rest my foot when I need to.

I’d like space where I can just mosey about the place!

Being a working breed, I still need some decent exercise too.

My farmer thinks I’d be happy sharing my home with another doggy or living solo would be fine.

I’m the type of guy, though, that will follow you everywhere.

You know – the velcro type.

I’m very loyal to my human and proud to be!

I’m great with people. I haven’t met kids yet but my farmer thinks I’d be fine with the little humans.

When strangers come to my farm, I head over for a pat. I’m not even territorial!

I’ve met chickens before. I did find them rather interesting but didn’t hurt them or anything.

As far as cats go, my farmer doesn’t recall me ever meeting one, so not sure how I’d be living with a feline.

Oh, and my farmer asked me to let you know that I’m not fixed.

He’ll be sad to say goodbye to me, he says, but he knows I’ll make someone an amazing new best friend.

So, if you’re looking for a kind, loving and loyal guy to spend your days with, remember the name Jack!

Is Jack used to children? Never met them.
Is Jack used to cats? Never met them.
Is Jack toilet-trained? No,
Is Jack used to stock? Yes.
Is Jack used to chickens? Interested but never hurt any.
How well does Jack get on with other dogs? Great.
Jack lives in Mt Somers.
A bit about Jack’s personality:

I’m a loyal lovely guy!

About me:

My name: Olliver Wright
My e-mail address: wrightoliver99@gmail.com
My phone number: 0277875638


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