Name – Jax

Age – 18 mths approx

Breed – Blue Heeler x Border Collie

Sex – male (not de-sexed)

Nature – Gentle / maybe a bit timid, good round children, other dogs and cats (has been bought up with young children and cats since a pup).  But, does like to chase the neighbours’ chickens but hasn’t killed any (yet). Neighbour has threatened to shoot him.

Has a soft mouth, doesn’t snatch food from your hand or is possessive of its food.

Knows his name and will come when called and does understand the command ‘sit’.  He is used to been tired up or on a lead.

Background – Spent most of his life tied up on a section in the country, is full of energy and likes to run so when it was let go the owners didn’t keep an eye on him so off he would wander / run!

Jax has not had enough time spent with him been trained and getting enough exercise. He would spend large amounts of time tied up and so he could be heard barking a lot.

He dog is quite intelligent and doesn’t mind being around other animals and people and I believe with the right person Jax could be easily trained. He likes attention and being patted.

Ideally, Jax needs a home that will give him plenty of space and attention, preferably a farm and there is the possibility he could make a good working dog. Jax is not a dog that has been kept inside.

If interested please contact Raewyn 027 608 4289