***Advertising on behalf of owner, we have not met Jaz***

Jaz is a big, handsome Huntaway X Collie who is 16 months old. His family adopted him from a pet store at 5 months, and have since found that unfortunately their lifestyle is not giving Jaz what he needs. Although he is very loved, he needs a home that is quieter and owners who have the time to further his training.

Jaz is a lovely boy, a big softy! He’s 38kg and has had all his puppy vaccinations. When he first arrived he was very scared of having his neck touched and would drop to the ground and scream. He has improved a lot and has never shown any aggression, but does better when he is warned that he will be touched around his collar.

Jaz lives in a household with 5 children, and while he is kind to them he would very much like a house that has older kids or none, as their loud noises make him anxious. Initially Jaz would knock over the youngest child frequently. His owners later discovered that the child was epileptic, and since she was started on medication Jaz has not knocked her over. Maybe he knew and was trying to keep her safe?

Jaz is terrified of cats. He is housetrained. He gets on really well with the pup he lives with, and other dogs that come over often. He is very playful and enjoys wrestling and chasing with other dogs. He has barked occasionally when he has seen dogs on the lead-usually in a nervous way from behind his owners.

Jaz is a very talented fence jumper and can clear the 6ft fence at home. He will do this when he gets a fright or when he is bored and left home alone. He is strong and if he gets a fright will push past or pull people over. His owner feels that he would love a home in the country where life is quieter and he has space to run and play. ideally his home would have another playful dog, someone home a fair bit, no young children, and a secure kennel and run for those times when he needed to be left home alone. He has not met stock.

If you feel that you could help Jaz to learn that life is not so scary, we would love to hear from you. His owner says he has so much good in him, he just needs a home that is quieter for him to shine.

Please contact Natalie at retired.workingdogs@gmail.com as we are assisting owners to find a home for Jaz