Jill is a very smart 13yr old heading dog who still wakes up ready to work every morning. Jill is a very well mannered and soft natured dog who is looking for her next home and/or retirement.

Arthritis in her back left leg due to a kick from a steer a few years ago has slowed her down a bit but hasn’t stopped her keenness for work and still loves working cattle and sheep.Β 

I have semi-retired her myself because our steep hill country is a bit too harsh but she still loves to work sheep and cattle on the flats.

Jill would suit a small block where she can still potter around with stock, which she loves, and have a comfy bed by the fire at nighttime.


About me:

My name: Jess
My e-mail address: carthewjess@gmail.com
My phone number:Β  027 226 2278


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