About Julie:

Julie is a beardie pup, aged 4 months old.


Hi everyone, I’m Julie.

My name means ‘youthful’, which describes me to a T!

You see, I’m a 4-month-old beardie huntaway mix – full of life!

I was found wandering in the forest.

I’m being cared for by a truly lovely lady who wants to find me a home where I’ll stay active, with a job to do!

She thinks I’m a unique bundle.

I’m quirky, outgoing and VERY friendly with people.

Ok, so I’m a small, adorable pup – but I won’t be that way forever!

Plenty of mental and physical stimulation for a girl like me please!

I’m very smart and easy to train.

Being a baby and all, I’m learning new things every day.

For instance, I’ve picked up that cats are fun to play with – till they turn on me. Now THAT is scary!

So, if you’re looking to welcome a bright young lovable girl, like me, into your life, please send an email with your details and the type of home you can offer.

Is Julie used to children? Hasn’t met yet.
Is Julie used to cats? Yes.
Is Julie toilet-trained? No.
Is Julie used to stock? Not sure.
Is Julie used to chickens? Not sure.
How well does Julie get on with other dogs? Great.
Julie lives in Tokoroa.
A bit about Julie’s personality:

I am a lively lovable wee girl.

About me:

My name: Brooke
My e-mail address: brooke@sbfl.co.nz


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