My name: Joel
My e-mail address: moc.liamtoh@leoj_nosretep
My phone number 0212471196

About my dog:
My dog’s name is Kai.
Kai is a Female Lab x.
Description: Kai is a lab x ,lovely natured dog ,very obident .good with kids and other dogs .stock proof . She is going on 10 But still very young at heart.

Is Kai used to children? Yes
Is Kai used to cats? Don’t know
Is Kai toilet-trained? No
Is Kai used to stock? Yes
Is Kai used to chickens? Yes
How well does Kai get on with other dogs? Great!
Kai lives in Country
Kai’s personality: Loyal dog ,well mannered and obedient.lovely girl to have around
Kai is a Medium-sized dog.