UPDATE: Karli has been rehomed 🙂

Hi, we have an 8 and a half year old huntaway bitch looking for her forever retirement home.Karli is a unique case, she likes her independence and keeps to herself but has a really big heart and sweet nature.
She’s had a big working career but unfortunately a few months back she had a misadventure off a cliff while out mustering and injured her hips. She can still walk freely and is in no pain but sways a bit in her back end. She also had her jaw ripped when she was kicked by a cow and we had to have it stitched back in, but sometimes it looks like she’s had botox.
Karli likes to bark and needs to be told to be quiet sometimes but is very obedient. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea but we are hoping to find someone that can provide her with more attention than what we can give her now because she deserves this.
She’s had two litters of pups and we still have one of her sons, however gravity hasn’t worked wonders for Karli and she has quite saggy boobies. If you think you could offer our Karli a kind and caring home we would love to hear from you. She will only go to the best of homes. We are located in the Waikato but travel to Hawkes Bay often.