***RWD vetting homes on behalf of owner***

Beautiful Lady is a 3 year old Border Collie who is looking for a rural home as an only dog.

Lady loves people, has no interest in stock or chooks (unless you’re inside the coop feeding the chooks and then she’ll pace the fence line), grew up playing with a cat, and is incredibly soft and kind with children. Unfortunately she is extremely dominant with other dogs, in particular other females, and makes the other dogs’ lives at home miserable by herding them into their kennels and attacking them if they step out of line. For this reason, her owner is very sadly looking for a home where she will be a loved family pet and get to be the one and only dog.

An experienced rural home where Lady can go for lots of walks around the section, spend as much time as possible loose and doing things, and not have to be lead walked near other dogs would be the perfect fit. Even better if there were some older kids who liked playing fetch and taking her on adventures!

As an 8 week old pup, Lady broke her right back leg and had to be crate rested with a cast for several months. Because of some complications with the cast, her leg has healed slightly crooked, but this has not caused any issues for her other than ending her show career before it started. The one downside to this though has been the fact that Lady has not learned to be house trained (despite her owner’s best efforts) and so has been an outside dog since then. If left in her kennel and run when the other dogs are loose, or when the motorbike drives away, Lady will circle and dig at the boards of her kennel. Otherwise, she is fine and does not bark unless someone new arrives.

Lady loves being out on the farm, following or hitching a lift on the side by side, and being with her people. She would really thrive in a home that has experience with highly active and intelligent dogs, and one that would be able to provide her with mental stimulation to prevent her creating jobs of her own. This girl is truly a real sweetheart and just needs to find the right family.

One condition of rehoming is that the new owners agree to have her desexed, as her owner does not want her used as a breeding dog. She is vaccinated, flea and worm treated, and registered for the current year.

For more information, please contact the team at retired.workingdogs@gmail.com we will be asking for a property inspection and a vet reference.