About Ma:

Ma is a medium-sized, male Hunting – Pig Dog, aged 9 years old.


Ma is a retired Pig hunting dog who grew up around children on a lifestyle block. She has spent the last 18 months in Christchurch.

Is Ma used to children? Yes.
Is Ma used to cats? Yes.
Is Ma toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Ma used to stock? Yes.
Is Ma used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Ma get on with other dogs? OK.
Ma lives in Hoon Hay, South Island.
A bit about Ma’s personality:

Ma is a lovely natured dog, especially with people. She loves a good belly rub.
She came to us when she retired from hunting around 18 months ago and she is great with our kids, she was always around children when she was a hunting dog.

She has struggled to adjust to city life, she arrived just before the lockdown last year which didn’t help her transition. she is anxious of other dogs especially when she is behind the gate (Barks aggressively) or on the lead (Freezes). when she meets dogs at our house off the lead she is anxious for a short period but quite quickly becomes relaxed.

She would be better suited to living slightly rural, away from a road where dogs are often walked and with some time and energy she could learn to adapt to the situations that challenge her. Really its her quality of life that would improve.

Ma sleeps on our deck and is very comfortable in her run. She has spent time in our house but is still adapting. she sits on her mat but still seems unsure if she should be there.

About me:

My name: Dan Eastwood.
My e-mail address: dan.eastwood@sjog.org.nz.
My phone number: 0272318344


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