About Max:

Max is a medium-sized, male Handy dog, aged 9 years old.


Hi, I’m Max and I’m 9.

I’m a natural leader. I help keep my team in line.

Every day on my farm starts with a team sprint!

Before work, I get all the dogs revved up, so they’ll race me down the driveway – woohoo!

Then we all get stuck into our work.

I’ve worked hard all my life. I love it!

But sadly, my farmer says, age has caught up with me a bit.

He knows I love to help, so he takes me out for small jobs but, for the big stuff, I stay behind.

You see, I have arthritis in my front paws. They can get a bit swollen.

My farmer says, “Max, you’ve worked so hard. It’s time you take it easy now.”

So he’s hoping to find me a loving home with some space to cruise around.

A place I could maybe help a little. I love being useful!

My farmer says, I’ve enjoyed being the boss of my team for several years, and he’s grateful for ALL I’ve done.

He says, with humans, I’m the most soft-natured guy ever!

I’m cruisy as around kids. They can make a fuss of me, be all over me, and I don’t mind!

My farmer thinks I’d be fine in an only dog home, or with a cruisy female. I love dog company.

I’m a quiet boy too and I eat pretty much anything on offer. I’m not picky!

So, if you have a soft spot in your heart, and a warm loving home for a gentle man like me, let’s talk!

Is Max used to children? Yes.
Is Max used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Max toilet-trained? No.
Is Max used to stock? Yes.
Is Max used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Max get on with other dogs? OK.
Max lives in Waipawa.
A bit about Max’s personality:

I’m a friendly guy. I love kids and I’m always happy to help with the small stuff!

About me:

My name: Roger Kittow.
My e-mail address: rotowaifarm@gmail.com.
My phone number: 068573842


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