About Mel:

Please note Mel is a RWD foster dog.

Mel is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog, aged 2 years old.

Is Mel used to children? No.
Is Mel used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Mel toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Mel used to stock? Yes.
Is Mel used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Mel get on with other dogs? Great.

She has been in foster care for a couple of months and fitted in just fine with the other dogs at the property, but is very timid around people, especially men. Once she knows and trust you, she will be by your side whenever possible, whatever you are doing. Other dogs help her with confidence so having another dog is a must.

Mel came into foster with the intention of becoming a pet and has done well, is house trained, although nervous inside with strange noises, walks well on a lead, is great when travelling in vehicles, she sits quietly in the back. We are looking for a rural pet or working home for Mel.

At present fostered on a lifestyle block, and when we are out in the paddocks she will stalk the goats, pigs, sheep, and cattle. She is left to make her own decision to be in or out during the day with the other dogs and does not stray from around the house. Mel has great recall, will sit, stay, and walk up, and would love a female owner who has the time and can show her kindness to teach her how to be a fully working dog to give her a purpose daily. Or even just to come along on the farm and run behind the bike/go for walks.

She is a very talented fence jumper and can clear 1.8m if she feels like it. Once she knows where home is, she’ll happily stay within standard farm fencing. But probably best not left loose when owners are away. She is very good at the dog park, happily does her thing with the other dogs and comes back when called-keeps her person in sight. She doesn’t seem too worried about people when she’s out, she just gives them a wide berth.

So the ideal home for Mel would be:
– Rural pet home or working farm
– Another dog or small team of working dogs around
– A female owner (she will probably never warm up to other family members)
– A home without children as they make her anxious

Mel has been speyed, microchipped, vaccinated and is registered for this year. As with all of our foster dogs she has an adoption fee of $350 and we will require a vet reference and property inspection from potential owners.

To apply to adopt Mel, follow the link below: