About Midge:

Midge is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog, aged 10 years old.


Midge is a gentle, tri-coloured heading dog of approximately 10yrs. She is predominantly black and white, with small areas of tan on her muzzle and on each of her four legs. She has a glossy, smooth, thick coat of medium length hair; she is not fluffy like a Border Collie. She has a long tail. She maintains weight well and doesn’t have a tendency to carry too much weight. Midge has never been in pup, nor been speyed. She has recently had a heat. She has not had any health or medical issues. She may now be experiencing the normal aging of joints appropriate to a working dog of her age. In saying that, we have not seen her creeping around.

Of late, when my husband takes Midge out to work now, she no longer wants to work and avoids work. If left unsupervised she amuses herself by finding something tasty to chew (usually around the pig pen). Hence, we are now looking for a suitable retirement home for her. We think she’d be best on a lifestyle block or in town. She would need to be in a well fenced property as because she is a working dog, she is well versed in coming through and over fences and gates.
We do not think she would work for anyone else, nor want to. Maybe a home that could pamper her a little and give her some 1:1 attention would be good. A person who has the time to build her trust in a new owner, their home and a new environment. Midge is totally relaxed around any other dogs though, so I don’t think it would be an issue if a new owner already had a dog/s. Midge is not toilet trained for living inside a house.

Is Midge used to children? Yes.
Is Midge used to cats? Yes.
Is Midge toilet-trained? No.
Is Midge used to stock? Yes.
Is Midge used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Midge get on with other dogs? Great.
Midge lives in Matawai, North Island.
A bit about Midge’s personality:

Midge is sweet a natured girl. She is a quiet dog, who could even be described as timid. She walks really well on a lead, as I have been doing, with nightly road walks. She looks for affection during these outings, coming into my hand for a pat. She always enjoys the attention from our children. She obviously just thinks, at her age, she deserves a non-working life now and to take her final years easily. She will bark if she hears a quad bike start or a vehicle approaching the kennels, but is otherwise usually quiet, as is characteristic of a heading dog. During her working life she has worked sheep, cattle and deer heading out to muster alongside a quad bike or horse/s. She is totally used to all things that are usual on a working drystock farm, including all manner of other livestock and the aforementioned, young children. Livestock in addition to those already mentioned are ducks, goats and pigs.
If you think you can offer a happy retirement to Midge, and she could be a gentle companion for you on a daily walk or around the section, we would like to hear from you please.
Thank you.

About me:

My name: Melanie BROWN.
My e-mail address: strawberry.blondies5@gmail.com.
My phone number: 068624824 – this number is not working due to Cyclone Gabrielle, please EMAIL instead if interested


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