About Missy:

Missy is a medium-sized, female Beardie Collie X,Β  6 years old.


Miss has had a bit of a rough life and was rescued by me when she was ‘surplus to requirements’ from a hunter. I am unsure of her hunting ability and I believe she was used as a breeding bitch mostly.
She has the most amazing sweet nature, and is very responsive to commands.
She is happiest hanging out with a human, and she loves affection and pats.
She is happy in her crate but most happy when lolling around in by your side.
She is now spayed, has excellent teeth and health and is fed on a raw diet.
Great with cats and chickens, and with dogs that she knows.
She gets a little anxious when out walking in public, which is understandable as she is used to life on a farm where there are no cars whizzing by and people all around. Her anxiety shows as whining and being a little over protective.
Once she has found a good stable permanent home, I think this behaviour will settle down and she will be a joy to walk.
Her ideal home would be somewhere rural, where she has space to run and someone to love her.
I cannot give her the life she deserves as I have a special needs dog and live in a built up area.
Miss will be a loyal and loving companion, she is truly a wee honey.
I haven’t seen her around little children but she is fine with older kids.
She has been learning to play with my dog which is hilarious. Miss has a willingness to learn and is very responsive to praise.

Is Missy used to children? No.
Is Missy used to cats? Yes.
Is Missy toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Missy used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Missy used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Missy get on with other dogs? OK.
Missy lives in Paraparaumu.
A bit about Missy’s personality:

Loyal, sweet, affectionate, attentive.
Shows some anxiety when out walking on roads etc in town.
Loves lolling in the sun or by the fire.

About me:

My name: Denise.
My e-mail address: dtbitedesign@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0211471699


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