Have you got a very large, very special hole to fill in your family? Nell would love to be considered!

Nell is an 18 month old speyed female Huntaway. This beautiful girl is a gentle giant, she has moments of being very brave and happy and excited, and there are also times where she is unsure and needs patience and understanding. Currently in foster with other dogs, cats, goats, sheep and cattle, she has been fine with all other animals. Once she knows dogs she will happily race around and play with them, but if she doesn’t know them she will keep her distance. Has shown no interest in any of the stock, but loves to run alongside the 4 wheeler. Has excellent recall even when out of sight, sits when asked, working on other pet commands still like stay. Crate and toilet trained. Not a fence jumper, easily contained behind farm fencing.

Nell is most happy and confident when she is out in areas she knows well, like the yard and on her daily walks through the countryside. She loves to run through the forest with her foster brother. In and around the house she can be unsure and loud household noises can be a bit scary for her. In the evenings, Nell loves to come up on the couch for cuddles, and is happily inside if it is raining, but otherwise outside is her comfort zone for now. She has a lovely nature and is very loyal to her person, in her foster home she has most closely bonded with her foster Mum. Nell’s confidence in her pet lifestyle has definitely improved and we know it will continue to do so in the right home.

The ideal home for Nell would be rural, with another playful and kind dog, and patient caring owners who would be happy to continue to build her confidence in new situations and make her feel safe. An active retired person or couple would be ideal for Nell. We are looking for a home without children as we feel the noise and fast movements would be too much for her. In return for your care, Nell will love you completely, be absolutely loyal and happily warm your (whole) couch!

As with all of our foster dogs, Nell has an adoption fee. We will require a property inspection and vet/council references. For more information, please email Natalie at retired.workingdogs@gmail.com