Contact details: removed as dog has been adopted
Paige is a seven year old tricolor heading dog. She has been spayed, and is a medium sized dog. She is used to children, stock and chickens, unsure what she is like around cats. She does get on ok with other dogs.
 Paige first came to live with us when I was eight. She was to be Dad’s next heading dog. Gradually she became afraid of working as she didn’t respond well to the raised voices involved. Dad soon realized the change in her behavior; she run back to the truck each time. Soon she wasn’t taken to work.
I had always found her to be a very inquisitive type. She would try very hard for you if she learns to trust you. Paige comes across as quite timid but loves people and would love to have a family or someone in which she can trust and find happiness in.
21/3/18: someone looking for a dog advised us this doggy has been adopted