Paige is a female, medium-sized heading dog, 11 years old.

Paige is friendly and enjoys being with people when she gets to know them.  She is 11 years old but still fit and well and capable of doing a bit of sheep work. She won’t work cattle. She is good with stock and will want to work sheep, but has commands to work them.

She isn’t spayed and hasn’t been toilet trained as she has been an outside dog. She’s not used to chickens so not sure how she will act around them.

She is generally good around other dogs, but will put younger dogs in their place if they annoy her.

I have had Paige since she was 9 months old. At the moment she has a fenced area where she hangs out all day or comes to work, and at night she is kennelled.  She would suit a country home or somewhere with a fenced area to wander.

Please contact:

Philippa Lambourn 

Phone number 063427728