About Penelope:

Penelope is a medium-sized, female heading, aged 6 years old.


Penelope is a sensitive wee soul looking for the right match. She’s a clever, loyal, loving little heading dog who is revelling in her new life as a pampered pet. Originally named Class, she wasn’t living up to her reputation as a top class working pup on the farm so was given to me as her second chance (like many of the dogs on RWD). Unfortunately, she’s terrified of gunshots/thunder and I live in Martinborough next to a vineyard where each summer they use gas guns over several months for bird scaring!

Is Penelope used to children? No.
Is Penelope used to cats? No.
Is Penelope toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Penelope used to stock? Yes.
Is Penelope used to chickens? No.
How well does Penelope get on with other dogs? OK.
Penelope lives in Martinborough, North Island.
A bit about Penelope’s personality:

Penelope loves hanging out with her hooman so much that she will try to escape to be with you! So she needs someone around during the day and to sleep inside at night – she will lie quietly beside you if you work from home or follow you around if you’re out & about. Her favourite things are having a crust of buttered toast at breakfast time, destroying the tennis ball after a game of fetch or snuggling up next to you on the sofa. Walks beautifully on the lead but can be reactive to strange dogs if they rush up (friendly around dogs she knows).  Is an enthusiastic hedgehog hunter and will carry them around in her mouth! Not so good around chickens/cats/possums, working on not chasing the horses but ignores the sheep in the neighbouring paddock.

Penelope is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated & registered.

This is a really hard decision as I adore Penelope but she’s struggling with separation anxiety when I go to work and the guns haven’t even started yet! When stressed Penelope shuts down and runs away so I’m looking for someone with lots of time, love and patience who enjoys helping dogs build their confidence and blossom.

About me:

My name: Katie Jones.
My e-mail address: ktejones@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0210441308


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