Pip is an 11 month old female heading pup, she was purpose bred as a working dog and all of her littermates are working. Circumstances have changed with the home she went to and so she is back looking for a new owner.
Both parents are strong eyed heading dogs and good mustering dogs. Pip is a blank canvas, only has a call back. She is soft with people but once she is settled in somewhere can be a bit bossy with other female dogs. Generally a confident happy, dog. Still has some work to do on her manners with jumping up.

Pip has shown some interest in stock, and should work. She’s been around sheep, cattle and deer. Fine with chickens and pet sheep, has been raised with children who she loves but she can be a bit over the top and jump on them.

Pip fractured her pelvis at 6 months old when she was backed over by a side by side. It was only a very minor fracture (luckily!!) and she has healed well with no sign of any limp at all.

We’d love to find Pip a great working home, or an agility home. She would make a lovely pet too but she is not a dog that can be left at home while someone is working all day, she needs something to do. She is generally pretty good but will alert bark in her kennel at night if something is going on. Loves to play with other young dogs. If she goes as a pet she needs to be the only female dog in the house.

Pip is vaccinated and worm/flea treated up to date.

For more information, please call Natalie on 027 453 0622.