About Rebel:

Rebel is a medium-sized, female border-collie-heading-dog, aged 3 years old.


Rebel is a sweet, slightly submissive but eager to please full of beans young dog. She has never actually been on a farm as I got her from a farm in Hunterville as a pup and she has been in Feilding ever since. However, she loves trying to round up my chickens. She is used to cats, kids and other dogs (although she gets a little nervous if too crowded, as do most). Unfortunately I have taken on too much and circumstances mean that I don’t have enough time to give Rebel the attention she deserves. She would be an awesome pet for a lifestyle block and is intelligent enough to learn more. Loves people. But I couldn’t promise she could be trained (at this age) as a working dog, although for a small flock on a lifestyle block, she would really try to help. She is a sweet girl.

Is Rebel used to children? Yes.
Is Rebel used to cats? Yes.
Is Rebel toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Rebel used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Rebel used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Rebel get on with other dogs? OK.
Rebel lives in Feilding, North Island.
A bit about Rebel’s personality:

Slightly submissive but loving and friendly. Loves people. Has been brought up round kids, cats and chickens and other dogs. Is usually ok with other dogs unless they get intimidating or if there is food involved. Normal dog stuff. Given her own space, she is happy and just wants to play. Loves coming to round up the chickens. Could sit and watch them all day.

About me:

My name: Teresa Schulz.
My e-mail address: zn.oc.liamtoh@lrigtev.
My phone number: 02102833239


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