About Red:

Red is a medium-sized, male kelpie, aged 2 years old.


Red is a two year old purebred (no papers), neutered Australian Kelpie.

Is Red used to children? Yes.
Is Red used to cats? Yes.
Is Red toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Red used to stock? Yes.
Is Red used to chickens? No.
How well does Red get on with other dogs? OK.
Red lives in Hawera, North Island.
A bit about Red’s personality:

Red is a sweet, energetic boy who will fully take advantage of a good nights sleep cuddled up on your bed if you let him. One of his favourite things to do is chase his ball along the beach and swim after sticks in the river or lake (the waves frighten him). He has learnt  to walk on a leash reasonably well, although still needs to be reminded to slow down from time to time. He has learnt to walk alongside the stroller as well. Red is always off leash at the beach and has never been allowed to run off. He is extremely placid with our ten month old daughter, allowing her to climb all over him, pulling on his ears and lips. Unfortunately since baby has arrived and work demands increased with both of us working full time we do not get to the beach or the park as often as we should. Red also suffers from what has been diagnosed as canine obsessive compulsive disorder, this is due in part to repetitive trauma Red was subject to from a neighbour that we were completely unaware of at the time, we were puzzled as to why all of a sudden the ‘shadow chasing’ behaviour started. Because of this condition Red ‘shadow chases’ and resorts to chewing his tail. We have tried so many different things to help him, we’ve been to dog trainers, and continue to try and work with him to keep his mind occupied, we have tried medication, to no avail, we have a dog walker that walks him throughout the week while we are at work. We are now at the point where we think the only thing that might make a difference for our sweet boy is to have a home where he has a lot of wide open space and an owner who is able to spend a whole lot of time with him. It is with very heavy hearts that we have made this decision.

About me:

My name: James Hunn.
My e-mail address: moc.liamg@52nnuhj.
My phone number: 0275486625


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