About Remy:

Remy is a large, female Huntaway X, aged 1 years old.


Black and Tan with white patch on chest.

Is Remy used to children? Yes.
Is Remy used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Remy toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Remy used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Remy used to chickens? No.
How well does Remy get on with other dogs? Great.
Remy lives in Marton, North Island.
A bit about Remy’s personality:

Extremely friendly with anyone. A big strong softie eager to please and loves to socialize with everything, perhaps still a little naive in this department but her heart is in the right place.
A bit rough around the edges when it comes to the training department but will soon learn with consistency and praise.
Remy has gone on car rides before, she loves putting her head out for a good 10 minutes then it’s all over, long rides exceeding 30 minutes has shown that she gets car sick though. She LOVES having sleep overs with her sister (we’ve kept in contact with her owner) but would love more. She loves other dogs, being around them playing with them sniffing them.
Remy has a deep loud bark on her but only when she wants to use it, I can catch her barking at a hedgehog anyway but not at other dogs or visitors.

She would be a great addition to a family, given they fit the criteria of what is best for her. She would adore them unconditionally.
An active family, where she will be walked and gets to run will be best suited for her. She loves sniffing and loves having little splurge of sprinting.
Her super energetic and excitable attitude will mean a bit of dedicated time for training and manners will need to be taught but she will thrive with the right person/people.

About me:

My name: Stephanie Pompey.
My e-mail address: stephaniepompey@hotmail.com.
My phone number: 0275732877


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