Are you looking for an active companion to take out on the job with you? A hiking and adventure buddy? Rio would love to hear from you!

18 month old Rio started life out as a pet in a small section in town, unfortunately this was not suitable to his needs, and he found himself in the pound. This handsome boy is full of fun, has a cheeky side that likes to push boundaries, and will need someone to be firm and direct him. An experienced dog owner is a must for him. He has so much good to offer, and has improved greatly in foster thanks to his foster Mum’s dedication. Rio has been castrated, micro-chipped and is vaccinated up to date.

Crate and house trained, has not been around cats with us but we have been told is ok with bold cats. Loves to run beside his foster Mum while she’s cycling, does not react to other dogs out on walks at all. Is living with two big dogs who don’t let him push them around, but is best suited to a home as an only dog or with a female dog who will play with him and set boundaries. Absolutely loyal to his person, has so much love and is always happy to see you. Has on occasion barked at a couple of men, nothing aggressive but definitely a little wary of some men (not all). Although Rio has been around children and been good with them, we would prefer a home without children, or with older dog-savvy kids as Rio is bouncy and will sometimes mouth when he plays.

Rio is not a fence jumper, but he is very interested in sheep. Will come back when called from in a paddock with them, and does show some natural instinct to work them. If he has access to a fence line with sheep he will watch them and bark or try to dig his way in. If he goes to a lifestyle block, his new owners must be confident in stock proofing him and restricting his access to stock. Has been fine with chickens.

The ideal home for Rio would be one where he gets to be with his person a lot, either on a dairy farm where he can run alongside the bike, as a builder’s buddy, or with someone who works from home. He needs a good deal of exercise and would love to be out running or cycling with you daily. This boy is kind and goofy and a typical teenager who just needs boundaries in place to reach his full potential.

As with all of our foster dogs, Rio will have an adoption fee. We will require a property inspection and a vet/council reference. For more information, please email Natalie at